InHealth, the UK’s leading provider of mobile medical diagnostic services, updates its fleet with three new Volvo FH tractor units

  |   Road Transport   |   InHealth, the UK’s leading provider of mobile medical diagnostic services, updates its fleet with three new Volvo FH tractor units

11:00 Tue 26th Nov 2019 | Posted By UKHAULIER

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The UK’s largest specialist provider of mobile diagnostic and healthcare solutions, InHealth, has recently taken delivery of three Volvo tractor units. The new FH’s will have in-service performance levels directly compared with two vehicles from another manufacturer, which arrived at the same time. “Our business requires modern trucks with low emission standards.

These combined with our low mileage operations, help reduce our carbon footprint,” reports Graham Ogden, Director of Operations at InHealth. “Due to the nature of our work, InHealth vehicles must be presented and maintained to industry leading standards. Being placed within NHS premises or parked in the centre of a community, the Volvo FHs and trailers must also demonstrate our dedication to quality,” Graham adds. Supplied by Tony Jones, Transport Solutions Executive at Volvo Truck and Bus Centre London’s Banbury dealerpoint, the Euro 6 Step D 6×2 pusher axle tractor units have a power output of 500hp.

InHealth has specified Volvo’s Globetrotter XL Cabs on 3.9m wheelbase chassis. The FH’s also come with Alcoa Dura-Bright alloy wheels, which complement the company’s fresh looking white and blue livery. The trio were ordered with five-year Volvo Service Contracts.

InHealth will monitor the performance of the FH’s with Dynafleet, Volvo’s fleet management system. “Our drivers are regularly away for days on end, the cabs are their homes and offices, so their input into which trucks were purchased and the associated specifications were paramount in our decision-making process. We opted for Volvo’s range topping, Globetrotter XL Cabs with One Bed Living packages and a number of extras.

The drivers have also added some enhancements to the interior, such as custom fitted mats. Subtle finishing touches like this add to the trucks’ personal appeal, without diminishing our corporate image. The FH’s haul bespoke trailers from makers such as Lamboo, Smit Medical and Bence, which provide very specialised healthcare services.

It normally takes between two and three hours to set up a trailer on-site and the same amount of time to pack it correctly before moving off again,” Graham notes.

The new Volvos join a fleet of 35 trucks and 110 trailers at InHealth and the group operates across the entire UK from the company’s fleet base in Bicester.

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