Appeal for bikers to join convoy to pay respect to Thetford man

Jimmy Boyce died at the age of 53, on Friday, Janurary 24.

He was described as a popular and much-loved Thetford man. Photo: Jimmy Boyce

Jimmy Boyce

A family have made an appeal for bikers to a join a “much-loved” Thetford man on his final journey.


Jimmy Boyce died in his sleep on Friday, January 24, after recovering from a heart attack just a week before, which has left his family devastated. His son, also called Jimmy, said he has been overwhelmed with the kind messages he has received about his father who he described as a “very popular” man around the town.

The 53-year-old was known for his passion for motorbikes, being a trucker and his love for a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich. But his greatest treasure was his family, including his five children, nine grandchildren, his brother, sister and mother. Mr Boyce said: “It was a terrible shock for us all.

He just went to bed one night and didn’t wake up. “My dad was one of those people who touched the hearts of everyone he met. The best words I could use is funny, caring and loving and he always put others before himself.

“I couldn’t even go to Tesco with him without being stopped or someone saying hello, he was very popular and much-loved. I have had hundreds of messages from people I don’t even know. “And he was a real family-man.

He loved his grandchildren, they called him Grandad bacon.” Now the former HGV driver for Foulger Transport will make his final journey, on Friday, February 21, to West Suffolk Crematorium, on the back of his lorry, surrounded by his biker friends or those just wishing to pay their respects. Mr Boyce added: “My dad has been a biker since he was 15-years-old and used to go to the old Kings Head Pub and visit rallies with his friends.

“Then he fell in love with trucking. My grandad was a trucker and he followed in his footsteps. They were his main passions, his bikes and trucking.

“So, for him to be taken to his funeral on the back of his truck is amazing.

If dad was here, he would have loved it.

The family have asked any bikers who wishes to join the convoy to meet at 1.30pm at Barnham Cross Common.

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