Michelin and AS 24 join forces to launch Fleet Diag 24

Sustainable mobility sector leader Michelin and AS 24 – a subsidiary of Total, Europe’s number one network of dedicated service stations for Heavy Trucks Vehicles, with 986 outlets in 28 countries – have joined forces to launch and experiment Fleet Diag 24, a new diagnostic offer designed to inspect truck tyres automatically at AS 24 service stations fitted with the device. * Marketed by AS 24, the service is conceived to facilitate and optimise tyre maintenance thanks to the automated inspection of pressures and wear to be sure that tyres function at their best – with no intervention required from either the driver or fleet service manager – in the interest of road safety and natural resource savings.  The chief benefits of Fleet Diag 24 are: 

o Safety and peace of mind,  o Compliance with legislation,  o Optimised tyre servicing, 

o Enhanced fuel efficiency.  An integral feature of Fleet Diag 24 is MICHELIN QuickScan, an efficient, easy-to-use, all-weather system designed to promote longer tyre life. Designed exclusively by Michelin to cover all types of rig (trucks, tractor units, trailers), irrespective of tyre brand, its development led to the filing of more than 15 patents.

This solution is an additional service proposed by AS 24 to its customers to expand its portfolio services dedicated to road transport professionals.  Pascal Zammit, Connected Mobility Director, Michelin: “This solution fits perfectly with Michelin’s All Sustainable vision to promote innovative connected solutions in favour of safe, more efficient mobility that is also more sustainable and respectful of the environment. Thanks to the extent of its network, our partnership with AS 24 is a tremendous opportunity for us to share our innovations with road haulage fleets.” 

Manuel Olivier, President, AS 24: “AS 24 is delighted to be able to provide road transport professionals with Fleet Diag 24 in association with Michelin. This tyre diagnostics system enables our customers to make the very most of the time they spend in our service stations and enhance the safety of their fleets. Its launch is a further sign of AS 24’s resolve to facilitate the everyday lives of road transport professionals by means of accessible, user-friendly services and increasingly innovative solutions.” 

* Available from March 2020 in three service stations in France: Nantes Sud MIN (44), Clermont-Ferrand (63), Sainte-Marie-de-Cuines (73)