No Charges For Truck Driver Who Accelerated Into Tallahassee Protesters

State Attorney Jack Campbell isn’t pressing charges against the driver of a truck who accelerated into a crowd of protesters on May 30. The incident in Tallahassee was captured on numerous cell phone videos. In a letter to Tallahassee Police Chief Lawrence Revell, Campbell writes the driver didn’t know a protest was underway because protesters had refused an offer to have roadways blocked off.

Protestors have demanded the driver be charged, and students recently raised concerns about it in an online meeting with Revell. “He got to use his truck and ride through a group of people and he got to go home,” said one Florida State University Student. “We have to protect suspects from crowds,” Revell responded. “We can’t allow them to be taken by crowds and beaten.

So we have an obligation to protect even the suspects.” The driver admits to revving his engine in an attempt to get the protestors to move.Afterward, some appear to turn on the truck. Campbell writes the driver had a reasonable fear of harm and that his actions were a reasonable use of force.

The Tallahassee Community Action Committee is calling Campbell’s decision “outrageous.”

The driver of the truck was a white man.

Some say they think the outcome may have been different for a black or minority driver.

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