'Very large' oxygen tank to begin five-day journey through Staffordshire

Motorists are being advised to expect delays as a medical grade oxygen tank is transported through Staffordshire. Police will be escorting the load on its five day journey – the full route is listed below – and are warning drivers that delays and diversions are likely as it is transported to the south of the county before heading for its final destination in Warwickshire. The oxygen tank will begin the Staffordshire leg of its journey on Monday (June 15) at the Cheshire border before travelling through Talke and Newcastle-under-Lyme.

It will then continue south through Stafford, Rugeley and Cannock before travelling through the south east of the county and concluding its journey in Drayton Bassett. The load is expected to finish its journey by that Friday (June 19). Similar loads will be travelling through the area over the next six weeks.

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A Staffordshire Police spokesman said:  “Next Monday to Friday we will be escorting this very large medical grade oxygen tank from our Cheshire border through Talke/NuL/Stafford/Rugeley/Cannock/A5/Brownhills/Four Oaks/Shenstone/Hints/Fazeley then Drayton Bassett

“Police are warning motorists of likely delays and diversions next week as officers help escort a large, medical grade oxygen tank through the county. “The tank – which is empty, 40 metres long and 6.5 metres in diameter – will be picked up on Monday 15 June and will make its way from the Cheshire border through areas including Newcastle-under-Lyme, Stone, Stafford, Rugeley, Cannock, Brownhills and Shenstone – finishing up in Warwickshire on Friday 19 June. “This is the first of four similar pick-ups over the next six weeks and we’ll be working with tree cutters and BT telephone engineers to ensure the load fits under trees and cables throughout the journey.”

The full route: 

  • At roundabout, turn right onto A34 in Congleton
  • Turn left onto A34 at Talke
  • Continue on A34 through 4 roundabouts
  • At roundabout, turn left onto A52 in Newcastle under Lyme
  • At roundabout, turn right onto A527
  • At roundabout, turn left onto A34. 
  • Day 1 stops at Strongford 
  • Continue on A34 through 9 roundabouts
  • End of Day 2 at RedHill
  • At roundabout, turn left onto A513 Beaconside
  • At roundabout, turn right onto A518 Weston Rd
  • At roundabout, turn left onto A34 Queensway in Stafford
  • At roundabout, turn left onto A34 Lichfield Rd
  • At roundabout, continue on A34 Queensville
  • At mini roundabout, turn left onto A513 Weeping Cross
  • At double roundabout, turn right onto A51 in Woseley Bridge
  • At roundabout, turn left onto A51
  • At roundabout, turn right onto B5013 Station Rd in Rugeley
  • At double mini roundabout in Rugeley, continue on B5013
  • At roundabout, continue straight onto A460 Hednesford Rd
  • Continue on A460 through 10 roundabouts to Cannock
  • End of Day 3 Great Wyrley
  • At roundabout, continue straight onto A5 Watling Street
  • Continue on A5 through 1 roundabout
  • At roundabout, turn right onto A452 Chester Rd at Brownhills
  • Continue through 1 roundabout
  • At roundabout, turn left A454 Aldridge Rod
  • At roundabout, turn left at Four Oaks Station onto A5127 Lichfield Road all the way back up   to the A5
  • At roundabout, turn right onto A5
  • At roundabout, exit onto Roman Rd/Watling Street through Hints
  • Day 4 Stops half way along Watling St 
  • At roundabout, in Fazeley, turn right onto A4091

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