Letter: A nice Berkshire story

To the editor: Last Thursday I was shopping at Market32 in Pittsfield when I heard what sounded like thousands of pingpong balls pounding onto the roof. A shopper next to me commented out loud “that’s some rain.” The color drained from my face as I remember I left my top down on my convertible and surely the deluge would destroy the car’s electronic systems.

I ran from the back of the store to the front, which is a good long city block, and out into to pouring rain to save my car. I was completely soaked when I spotted my car in the parking lot. I stopped dead in my tracks.

There was a large brown tarp covering my car which two young men in their 20s, eating their lunch in their truck next to my car, placed over my convertible. They just smiled and said “no problem. Glad to help.”

I thanked them profusely. In the downpour I forgot to ask for their names but they reassured my faith that the Berkshires is special place. As a former New York City principal, I would like to send a message to their parents.

You did a real good job. They made me smile reaffirming how wonderful our young people can be. Lawrence Abrams,



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