Man arrested, charges recommended after he had a violent reaction to his car being towed

VANCOUVER — Police in Vancouver are recommending a slew of charges stemming from a violent incident at a shopping complex Monday. Officers were called to the small parking lot on Kingsway near Tyne Street shortly after 11 a.m. Monday after hearing someone had smashed the window of a Drake Towing vehicle. 

“The suspect was having his car towed from the parking lot when he approached the tow truck and smashed the driver’s side window with a hammer,” said Const. Tania Visintin.  Two short videos of the incident posted online show a man yelling through the driver’s side window of the tow truck. 

Several times the man tries to open the driver door but it is locked.  The suspect is then seen entering a bubble tea restaurant.  In the next video, the same man is standing next to the tow truck again, but this time with a hammer. 

The video then shows the suspect using the hammer to smash the driver’s side window followed by two more swings of the hammer.  “We are very concerned, it was in broad daylight there were plenty of people around,” Visintin said.  Police arrested the suspect and have forwarded charges of assault with a weapon, uttering threats, mischief and possession of a dangerous weapon to Crown for review.

“It appeared the suspect was angry,” Visintin said, before adding that police will not reveal the suspect’s identity until charges are approved.  She explained that no one was injured in the altercation.  On Tuesday, a man who identified himself as the suspect in the video to CTV News said the tow truck driver was swearing at him. 

“Do you think a man without any reason would break someone’s window,” the man asked.

A spokesperson for Drake Towing called the situation “unfortunate,” but did not want to make any further comments. 

The owners of the shopping complex at 3490 Kingsway also did not wish to comment.  

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