Newport dog owner £1000 out of pocket after dog cut paw on broken glass – South Wales Argus

THE OWNER of a dog which suffered a two-inch cut to its paw after treading on broken glass in Rogerstone has called on people to think about their actions before dumping their rubbish. Jo Beale, owner of 10-month-old Fred, was out walking in Afon Mead beside the Ebbw River on Wednesday morning with her dog, two children, aged nine and seven, and her children’s friend, when Fred was injured. “We live in Afon village and went down to the river and walked towards Risca,” Ms Beale said. “There is a little area that is very popular by the river which we stopped at.

“The kids were skimming stones and Fred was having fun chasing the stones into the water. As we were just leaving, he went to run down the bank again but stopped and started limping.

“When I got to him the blood was pumping out of his paw. I called my partner who came from work in his friend’s truck to pick us up.” READ MORE:

When Ms Beale arrived at the vets, she had to pay for Fred to undergo an operation, and she has been told it is “hit and miss” whether he will fully recover. Newport dog owner £1000 out of pocket after dog cut paw on broken glass - South Wales Argus “We have had to rearrange the house to make sure he can’t jump on anything or go upstairs and put too much pressure on it,” Ms Beale added. “We have already had to go back to the vets twice and have to go back again tomorrow and then again on Wednesday.

“I’m sure the money we’ve had to pay is more than GBP1,000 already.” Asked what she would say to those who drop glass and put others in danger, Ms Beale said: “It’s totally unacceptable. I’m sure it’s teenagers who are bored, due to where it was on the river.

“It could have been so much worse, and it’s a growing problem in the area.

My son and I took Fred to the woods behind Mount Pleasant on Tuesday and there was glass all over the place there too.”

Fortunately, Fred is now on the mend, and is getting a brand-new pair of dog boots to keep him safe.