Truck driver finds cat hitchhiking under semi, returns to family a hundred miles away

A truck driver in North Dakota found a surprise travel companion under his semi last week. The driver, Jack, from Manitoba, had traveled from Saskatchewan, Canada to the North Dakota cities of Tioga and Kramer before finding a cat under his truck at the end of his route. After his discovery, Jack called the local veterinarian in hopes of finding the cat, Spooky’s, rightful owners.

They were able to contact the family and inform them of Spooky’s whereabouts. Jack then proceeded to return Spooky across the Canadian border back to his home. Relieved about the cat’s safe return, owner Chylisse Marchand posted her gratitude on Facebook about the driver’s selfless act.

“In these tumultuous times, our family has been blessed with a true act of kindness,” said Marchland. “It’s stories like these that last a lifetime.

Our cat, Spooky is fine, drinking a lot of water and is very happy to see us.”