Another Day At The Office: Skillful Driver Casually Drifts 40-Ton Dump Truck

Drifting a vehicle is not the most socially acceptable and reasonable behavior, especially when it’s done outside the confines of a racetrack. However, there are instances where drifting is not only acceptable, but also necessary. You would not expect us to use the word “drifting” in the same sentence with “40-ton (80,000-lbs) dump truck”, but the following video from Chesterfield, UK gives us no choice.

The driver of the CAT 740 articulated dump truck reached the conclusion he could save precious minutes (and have tons of fun) on the worksite over the course of one day by… drifting. Yes, that’s right: a 40-ton dump truck can drift in the right conditions. See Also: Genius Or Trash?

There’s A ‘Bullitt Mustang’ Ford F700 Dump Truck For Sale In this particular case, this meant having a slippery surface so that the massive tires can break traction, as well as enough room for the maneuver. The bold driver had both as he drove down a wet clay ramp to receive its payload from an excavator.

As the footage taken from the cabin of said excavator clearly shows, the truck driver is a real drift master. Not many drivers can pull off such a maneuver in such an elegant way (remember, we’re talking about a 40-ton dump truck) and make it look so effortless in the process. The excavator’s operator was clearly impressed and amused as he can be heard laughing while watching the dump truck’s “dance”.

We suspect the worksite manager won’t be that thrilled to see the truck driver’s antics, though.

Then again, the footage uploaded by ViralHog dates from March 2019, so there’s a chance the protagonists don’t work at the site anymore.

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