Warwickshire Police's Commercial Vehicle Unit receives national award from Highways England

Warwickshire Police’s Commercial Vehicle Unit has received a national award from Highways England in recognition of the dedication of officers in achieving ‘Top Performing Force’ in the country for Operation Tramline in 2019. During Operation Tramline, officers use a specially-adapted HGV ‘supercab’ owned by Highways England to observe driver behaviours in all vehicles and deal with any offences on Warwickshire’s road network. These are drivers that could have caused death or serious injury to themselves or other users of Warwickshire’s Roads.

The award was made on Friday 7 August 2020 in the presence of Chief Constable Martin Jelley, PS Stafford, PC Russell and PC Blood by Marie Biddulph, Highways England Assistant Regional Safety Coordinator, who said: “Operation Tramline could not operate without our police partners and we are very grateful to forces such as Warwickshire Police for the dedication of their officers in helping us to tackle dangerous driving on our roads. “The number of offences recorded by the force sadly confirms that there are people who are putting themselves and others at risk by ignoring the law.

We hope that through our continuing partnership and use of the supercabs we can encourage all motorists to think about their driving.” Speaking for the team, PS Carl Stafford said “Operation Tramline is about keeping people safe on our roads.  We are delighted to be recognised by Highways England for our work in identifying those people who pose serious danger to themselves and other road users. It would not be possible without the dedication of a small number of passionate officers, our special constabulary and support from our partner agencies.”

“The ‘supercab’ is invaluable because it allows officers to see all road users from an elevated position, giving a much clearer view of what drivers are doing. For example, if a driver is using a mobile phone or not wearing their seatbelt. The ‘supercab’ allows our officers to film evidence of unsafe driving behaviour by pulling up alongside vehicles often on our motorway network where drivers really need to concentrate on what they’re doing.

Anyone we need to speak to is then pulled over by police cars following behind. Led by officers from the Serious Collision Investigation Unit, the new Commercial Vehicle Unit is financed by Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe’s Road Safety Fund as part of his ambition to reduce the numbers killed and seriously injured on Warwickshire’s Roads.  The CVU often works in partnership with the Health and Safety Executive, Highways England, Environment Agency, Road Haulage Association, DVSA and HM Revenue & Customs and is also regularly assisted by the Special Constabulary. Chief Constable Martin Jelley said “I am proud of the work the Commercial Vehicle Unit is doing to improve public safety on Warwickshire’s roads.  This award is further recognition of what can be achieved by a small team that has made a big impact in a short space of time.

Improving the public’s safety on our roads will remain a priority for the force.  Warwickshire Police would like to thank Highways England for their ongoing support.” PCC Philip Seccombe said “I am delighted that the CVU’s efforts, and the increased focus and investment to improve road safety in the county has been recognized. Operation Tramline continues to show the volume of offences being committed on our major roads network and the importance of policing them effectively.

We are very fortunate to have such a knowledgeable and dedicated team here in Warwickshire so I am pleased to add my congratulations for their continuing efforts.” The CVU in turn showed their appreciation of the help from Highway England’s Marie Biddulph over the years by presenting her with a bouquet of flowers. It’s not the first time the CVU has been recognised for their efforts this year.

In July they were nominated by their peers as ‘HGV Heroes’, acknowledging their work throughout the pandemic with commercial vehicles across the county, ensuring that HGV drivers are taking the appropriate breaks, paying the HGV levy, securing their loads and adhering to CDG regulations.

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