Billowing smoke was truck on fire at Hunterston

BILLOWING black smoke and flames were seen coming from the Peel Ports industrial site at Hunterston last Friday morning. Concerns were raised by villagers as the plumes rose into the air and fire crews rushed to the scene just before midday. Two appliances located a dump truck on fire and extinguished the flames.

There were no casualties. Hunterston is owned by Peel Ports Group, one of the largest port operators in the UK, but the 300 acre brown site has been out of use after the port area closed. A decommissioning process has recently been reaching its conclusion with the giant loading cranes being removed.

A spokesperson from Peel Ports said “A third party owned dumper truck caught fire. Due to the efforts of the team on site, the incident was carefully controlled and the relevant authorities immediately notified. “The staff at Hunterston responded swiftly and no injuries were sustained.

“A fire investigation report is now underway”

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