Police Remove Vehicle After Animal Rights Protesters Block Road in London

London’s Metropolitan Police said they were working to remove animal-rights protesters who had glued themselves to the top of a vehicle that was blocking a road on September 3.

Animal Rebellion, which campaigns for “the transition to a plant-based food system,” said it parked a “slaughter truck” on a road outside the UK’s Department of Health and Social Care. A sign attached to the truck read: ‘ANIMAL FARMING = PANDEMICS & CLIMATE CRISIS.’

Police said: “Specialist officers are working to remove protesters who have glued themselves to a vehicle in central London. They are highly trained to carry out removals whilst ensuring the safety of those involved.

Dozens of arrests linked to the protests have been made so far today.”

A local reporter at the scene said the truck blocked the road for “around 4 hours” before it was removed.

Credit: Animal Rebellion via Storyful

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