Rock thrown from M40 bridge sends glass flying as van windscreen damaged

Drivers have been urged to be careful after rocks were dropped off a motorway bridge onto the M40 below – leaving a windscreen smashed. The stones were flung off the M40 overbridge just before the northbound exit slip road for Stokenchurch, from the direction of Wycombe, at junction 5 at around 10pm on Wednesday night. One driver shared photos on social media of his damaged windscreen after a stone hit his vehicle to warn fellow motorists about the danger.

Fortunately no one was injured, but it could have been a very different story if he had a passenger with him at the time – because the impact caused glass to fly everywhere. There have been a string of similar incidents reported across the country, where motorists have narrowly avoided injury by rock-throwing thugs. In August 2019, a rock that was thrown from a bridge over the M62 in Merseyside missed a truck driver’s head by inches.

Meanwhile in America, two people were killed in two separate incidents when rocks and sandbags were thrown from highway overpasses by teenagers in 2017.

We have contacted Thames Valley Police for more details about the latest reported incident.

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