Speeding hotspots in Newport and Gwent, according to readers

WE ASKED you where in Gwent you would like to see speed cameras set up – and you responded in your hundreds. We received almost 300 suggestions of places you would like to see a speed camera installed. Below are some of the roads that were mentioned by residents.

A4042, Goytre A number of residents highlighted the A4042 as a particular hot spot for speeding. The section of road at Goytre and Penperlleni was highlighted as a possible location for the speed camera.

Lesley Davies described it as “one of the most dangerous spots in the county.” She said: “People are afraid to cross this spot to get to the bus stop opposite. The deaths on this road are unprecedented.”

Jason Archibald added: “The speeds people travel at are ridiculous, quite often not slowing down at all from 60mph through to the 40mph limit.” Varteg Road, Blaenavon

The stretch of Varteg Road between Blaenavon and Varteg is another that was highlighted by multiple readers. Residents in the area described it as an ‘accident waiting to happen’, and called for a speed camera on the lane. Pat Burgess said: “Cars come from Blaenavon, along the top to Varteg and don’t slow down unless the speed camera truck is there.

“I’m surprised there hasn’t been more people and animals killed here.” Liz Evans added: “Absolutely. It is dangerous the way they speed up and down that road.”

While Aimee Priest said: “How someone hasn’t been killed yet I don’t know.” Speeding hotspots in Newport and Gwent, according to readers Malpas Road, Malpas

Malpas Road is notorious for speeding according to residents. They are calling for a speed camera to be installed to stop someone getting “seriously hurt”. One such resident is James Westlake.

He said: “I swear over the year it is just getting worse and worse. “I live right on Malpas Road, so I take my dog for a walk around Malpas and everyday I lose count of the amount of cares and bikes I see go up and down speeding. “I’ve witnessed a motorist going so fast that the vehicle was shaking as if they’re losing control.

“It is basically a race-track and something needs to be done about it.” Speeding hotspots in Newport and Gwent, according to readers Ladies Row, Tredegar

Ladies Row in Tredegar was another road highlighted with speeding problems. Kyleigh Ridings said: “The amount of idiots that drive down that road going more 40mph is a joke. “There is new housing going up there soon so I can only imagine how much worse it will be.

“I will never ley my kid out the front gate.” North Road, Newbridge North Road, between Newbridge and Crumlin, has a 30mph speed limit in place, however residents report seeing vehicles travelling as fast as 60mph on the stretch of road.

Bethany said: “Whenever there is a speed camera everyone slows down, but when there is nothing there you will have idiots doing 60mph or more down a residential street which has children living on it.” Speeding hotspots in Newport and Gwent, according to readers Countless other roads were suggested as locations for much-needed speed cameras.

Lowlands Road, Pontnewydd, was mentioned by Darren Scriven. In particular the stretch of road near the war memorial. He said: “People seem to speed up across that wide bit of road.”

Another suggestion was Avondale Road, Cwmbran. Jo Lilly said: “It is a long straight road with a 40mph limit. However there is sporadic street lighting at night and boy racers galore.”

Boy racers were mentioned in relation to the Blackwood bypass as well. Gareth Thomas added: “From the bridge to the roundabout is particularly bad. “The boy racers think it is a racetrack.

You can hear the cars and wait for the bang.” Hill Street and Garn Road, in Blaenavon, were both put forward as potential speed camera locations. Suggesting Hill Street, Lynne Smithwick said: “It is an accident waiting to happen.

And stop cars parking on double yellows on the bend, half the time they are even parked the wrong way round.” Kristy Sara added: “Garn Road needs one. It is a built up area and a 40mph zone yet people think it is acceptable to drive at 70mph.

“I am dreading the day my children have to cross the road to get onto the school bus.”

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