Brainteaser: Safety Tips for Vehicle Owners

Keeping your vehicle secure is often a matter of developing the right habits, and taking the right precautions. This is especially so in the case of classic cars, which lack the security features of their modern equivalents, and thus represent a more tempting target for would-be thieves. But it’s actually motorbikes which are statistically most vulnerable.

Hugo Jacobs is a security expert and director at Lumley Jacobs. “The majority of thieves are opportunists,” he said. “If they see something that’s easy to grab, they will – this means you have to be extra vigilant if you own something that can attract attention, like a motorcycle or a classic car.” You might think that you’re aware of all of the potential dangers. But since we rarely get a chance to put our vigilance to the test, it’s difficult to be entirely sure.

For this reason, Carole Nash Insurance have put together a brain-teasing image containing ten different security hazards. It takes the average person around forty-nine seconds to spot them all – though some will take longer, and some won’t be able to spot all of them at all!

Motorcycle Security Mistakes

Some of the security mistakes on the motorbike might seem so obvious as to be ridiculous. But how many of us leave our keys in the ignition, confident that nothing bad is going to happen while we pop into a shop?

The fact is that most thieves are opportunists, and the easier we make things for them, the likelier they’ll be to strike. The same goes for the absence of a cover – not only does this expose the bike to the elements, it’ll also make the vehicle more attractive to would-be thieves. It takes several seconds to remove a cover – and these are seconds which might spell the difference between success and failure for the thief.

A good cover should come with eyelets on the front, so that a chain can be used to attach the thing to the bike. One security measure that’s not often adopted is the disk-lock. This will prevent your vehicle from being wheeled away (usually onto the back of a truck).

Again, it won’t make your bike unstealable, but it will represent enough of a barrier to dissuade a majority of thieves. Put simply, there are other vehicles out there that can be more easily stolen. There are a few extra precautions that motorcyclists might take to improve their chances of eluding the thieves.

For one thing, they might invest in an alarm which activates whenever someone starts to meddle with the bike. For another, they might activate the steering lock which is standard on just about every bike.

Car Security Mistakes

Again, many of the mistakes on the car might seem obvious. Leaving valuables on display and the roof down is asking for trouble.

And yet, these are mistakes committed by motorists across the UK whose guard has fallen.  Wear-and-tear might also constitute a security vulnerability. A handle which is hanging off, as in the brainteaser, can be easily compromised by a determined thief.

Other mistakes, like failing to stay within the lines, will draw attention to your car – and potentially enrage other drivers to the point that they vandalise your car.

Or, just as bad, you’ll get a parking ticket.

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