Erb charity golf tournament raises $29K

NEW HAMBURG, Ont. — Erb Transport’s 2020 golf tournament has raised £29,000 for local charities, the company said Thursday. Since its debut in 1994, the event has raised a total of £465,000 for Aldaview Services, Wilmot Family Resource Centre and Interfaith Counselling Centre. 

The annual event was held Sept.

24. (Photo: Supplied)

The tournament is usually held in June every year, but was delayed until Sept.

24 due to Covid-19. Wendell Erb, Erb’s president and CEO, said the popularity of the tournament has grown over the years.

“It has become a significant revenue provider for the local charities,” he said. This year, the format of the tournament was a little different from past events because of the pandemic, the company said. “Instead of the usual early start and sit-down dinner, golfers were greeted with gift bags and face masks at a drive-thru registration before getting into their golf carts equipped with hand sanitizers and plexiglass dividers.”

The event was supported by Erb suppliers and business partners.

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