Kalmar introduces energy-saving guarantee for its eco-efficient electric forklift truck

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11:00 Mon 12th Oct 2020 | Posted By UKHAULIER[2]

Kalmar, part of Cargotec, has introduced an energy-saving guarantee for its electric forklift trucks. Similar to the fuel-saving guarantee available for diesel-powered machines such as the Kalmar Eco Reachstacker, the energy-saving guarantee provides a greater level of predictability for customers by allowing them to easily estimate the operational costs of transitioning to electric machines. The guarantee is calculated by analysing three specific parameters based on data from the Kalmar Insight performance management tool, which aggregates data from multiple sources to provide an overview of fleet operations and maintenance needs.

The expected energy consumption can be calculated to a high degree of accuracy, allowing customers to calculate their operating costs based on their electricity tariff. “Customers want to understand how much energy they could save by using an electric forklift truck. We have determined that energy consumption is most heavily influenced by the distance travelled and the number and weight of lifts.

We estimate that a typical customer will see a positive return on the total cost of ownership of an electric forklift truck compared to its diesel equivalent within approximately two years,” explains David Malmstrom, Business Development Manager, Kalmar Forklift Trucks.

In the event that the predicted level of energy consumption is exceeded, customers will be compensated according to a sliding scale.

Kalmar believes that the energy-saving guarantee will make it easier than ever for customers to transition to using electric machines. “Since we guarantee the machine’s energy consumption, it is easy for customers to estimate the operational cost,” says Malmstrom. “This guarantee is unique to Kalmar and underlines our commitment to supporting customers to adopt electrification.”


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