Lorry driver smashes HGV into BMW in Avonmouth as they turn corner

A lorry driver misjudging a turn has been caught on camera, including the moment they came smashing into a BMW in Avonmouth. During the short clip, which was shared on Facebook group Idiots in Cars, the driver can be heard beeping as she attempted to alert the HGV to the impending crash. Seconds later the huge lorry comes crashing into the red car, which then collides with the vehicle behind.

Fortunately no one appears to be injured as the driver of the red car gets out of the vehicle immediately after the crash to assess the damage. Dozens of people replied to the post, voicing their astonishment on Facebook. One person wrote: “Got complacent.

Probably done that turn million times with no cars present. Just like the average person flying into their own road.”

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Sign up to our daily newsletter using the box at the top of this article, read all about what’s involved here, or click here to see all of our newsletters Another person said: “All he had to do was wait a bit, turn a bit later – too much of a rush.”

While someone else wrote: “Has anyone else noticed two lots of horns blowing, he’s that busy cutting across the approaching lorry, he hasn’t seen the car at the junction.”

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