Truck drivers ignoring road closed signs driving Elland residents around the bend

Park Road in Elland has been closed since a landslip caused by flooding in February. But even now, some eight months later, drivers are ignoring ‘road closed’ signs and go down thinking might still be a way through. While the road is open for access to homes, businesses and the Park Wood Crematorium there is no through route and lorries, vans and cars have to turn round – if they can.

Truck drivers ignoring road closed signs driving Elland residents around the bendPark Road in Elland is closed due to damage caused by a landslip

Regularly large HGVs get stuck and have no choice but to reverse back the way they came, causing noise and nuisance at all times of the day and night for residents, many of whom live in terraced houses close to the road.

One resident, Sheila Suthern (correct spelling), 70, takes pictures of the offending trucks and posts them on a community Facebook page. At first, she said, it was a “source of amusement” but now residents don’t see the funny side anymore. “It’s not funny when you have a big articulated wagon reversing back past your house, bleeping or blaring a warning, at 3.20 in the morning,” said Shelia. “Some vehicles can turn round at the crematorium but some are just too big.”

Sheila, who has lived in Park Road for 51 years with husband Peter, 72, said residents had not been kept informed about repairs and how long the road would be closed for. “Park Road is the forgotten road,” she said. “When it’s open it’s a very busy road and that’s why drivers keep on using it.” While the couple want the road repaired as soon as possible they are enjoying a bit of freedom from the constant traffic.

Sheila said the installation of a chicane system at the closure point had failed to deter drivers. She called for better signage but shrugged: “Maybe some drivers just can’t read.” In a statement Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Strategy, Coun Jane Scullion, said: “The A6025, Park Road, Elland, has been closed since February 2020, due to extensive damage following a landslip caused by the flooding.

“Work has already taken place to prevent further weakening of the slope, but further complex and costly repairs are now needed to make the necessary repairs to reopen the road. “Although the Government has recently approved our application for funds, it’s estimated that the road is unlikely to reopen to traffic before spring 2021, although we are doing everything we can to speed up this process. “To inform motorists of this closure we have installed a number of large signs at key junctions leading up to the closure and along the route.

“There are also signs advising of diversions for access to Park Wood Crematorium. A number of these signs are also more permanent in their design to ensure they aren’t moved or affected by weather conditions. “We’d like to remind drivers that there is no through route.

Motorists are urged not to ignore any road closed signs and plan their route in advance.”

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