Volvo Trucks celebrates 10 years of FMX – driving progress

Traction control with ease With the new Volvo FMX it’s easy to go from inter-axle differential lock to full differential lock and back. Simply by turning the new traction control knob, the driver can tell the truck to automatically synchronize the speed of the wheels before engaging full differential lock.

The driver gets clear, instant feedback on the instrument display and can monitor the differential locks in real time. Changing the direction of the truck on the go At speeds below 15 km/h, it’s possible to change the direction of travel of the truck on the go.

After shifting the I-Shift gear selector from drive to reverse, the driver can brake the truck using the accelerator. How fast the truck changes direction is determined by how hard the accelerator is pressed. “The option of changing direction on the go is very useful, especially in combination with Volvo Dynamic Steering, when manoeuvring at low speeds in tight places,” explains Alsio.

Effortless and precise driving Volvo Dynamic Steering, which was introduced in 2013, is a patented technical innovation which makes it possible to drive a truck with minimal effort. It combines conventional hydraulic power steering with an electronically regulated electric motor fitted to the steering gear.

“Volvo Dynamic Steering is a great success and it’s perfect for a construction truck. At low speeds, it makes steering effortless and precise, and removes the strain on the driver’s arms and shoulders. This means improved safety and a reduced risk of occupational injuries,” says Alsio.

For trucks with a steered tag or pusher axle, the steering angles have been increased, resulting in better manoeuvrability and reduced tyre wear. All these improvements add up to greater productivity and cost efficiencies for construction transport tasks. I-Shift gearbox for heavy loads

The construction version of the leading Volvo I-Shift gearbox allows the Volvo FMX to handle tough and hilly terrain with high levels of productivity and driver comfort.

In 2016, Volvo Trucks introduced I-Shift with crawler gears, which enables the truck to pull away from a standstill with very heavy loads.

It also allows truck operators to drive at speeds as low as 0.5 km per hour – a huge help during precision manoeuvring.

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