Edmonton car crash: Man arrested after ‘driving BMW into police station and starting fire on road’


man has been arrested after reportedly ramming a car into a north London police station before starting a fire on the road outside. Footage shows the suspect being tackled to the ground by a brave member of the public following the suspected attack at Edmonton police station.  Scotland Yard said a 45-year-old had been arrested on suspicion of arson and other offences.

Road closures remained in place at the scene following the incident, which unfolded at about 7pm on Wednesday. Officers said the incident was not being treated as terror-related.  In one video seen by the Standard, a man in a grey hoodie is seen getting out of a dark car, thought to be a BMW, embedded in the crumpled doors of the police station.

He retrieves what looks like a jerry can from the car before starting to pour a trail of clear liquid from the vehicle out into the road. As he paces in front of traffic a police car is seen pulling up nearby. The man bends down before the road suddenly erupts in flames, causing terrified passersby to flee as he throws the jerry can to one side and walks calmly back towards the pavement.

Further shaky footage appears to show a member of the public then tackle the man, before he is pounced on by two police officers. The police station was evacuated and a large cordon thrown up outside.  Officers returned to the station at about 10pm. No injuries have been reported.


Police at the scene after the incident 

/ PA )

The Met said the vehicle had been examined by specialist officers.

One man who works nearby said: “It was shocking. I saw the man crash his car into the front glass door. At first, it looked like an accident that he lost control.

“But he got out of the car and was insistent about getting further into the police station. The second door was all smashed up. No-one could get in or out.

When he realised he couldn’t he casually got out and started pouring petrol on the back of the car and then the middle of the road. “He was so calm. He wasn’t ranting and raving.”

The father-of-one, 34, had tried to keep people back from the scene. He added: “A motorbike tried to get out of the way. This was all in-front of people waiting at a bus stop.

I can’t imagine how terrified they were. “He was pouring petrol everywhere leading to the car. But thankfully he left a little gap, so it didn’t burn all the way to the car.

God knows what he had inside the car. “He wasn’t running away anywhere. A guy from the bus stop pinned him down just as police got there.”

Edmonton car crash: Man arrested after ‘driving BMW into police station and starting fire on road’(

The damage inside Edmonton police station after the crash 

/ Nigel Howard )

Another witness said: “I was on my way home from school and the man crashed his car in the police station.

“Then he got out petrol and matches or a lighter…He was shouting something but the police were louder telling everyone to move away. Police took him out.” Witnesses said a bus driver put out the flaming pool of petrol with a fire extinguisher before it could set the car alight.

Edmonton car crash: Man arrested after ‘driving BMW into police station and starting fire on road’(

Officers said the incident was not being treated as terror-related

/ PA )

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he had been in “constant contact” with Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick about the incident in Edmonton on Wednesday.

Writing on Twitter, he said: “I’m grateful to the police officers and other emergency services who brought the situation under control and continue to investigate the incident.” Home Secretary Priti Patel tweeted: “As always, very grateful to the police and emergency services for their courage and professionalism in responding so swiftly to the incident in Edmonton this evening.”  Labour MP Kate Osamor tweeted: “A major incident has been declared at Edmonton Green police station.

“Please stay safe if you’re in the area.” Commander Ade Adelekan said: “This appears to have been an isolated incident and does not seem to be terror-related. I am satisfied that there is no wider risk to the community.

“Local officers will continue to carry out enquiries, but at this stage we are not looking for anybody else.

“I would like to thank the public for their response to the incident and would urge anyone with information about what happened to contact police.

“I also acknowledge the brave actions of local officers who confronted and arrested the suspect in a dangerous and challenging situation”. 

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