Layby closed by task group to tackle Haydock HGV problems

A TASK group formed to solve problems related to lorries in and around Haydock Industrial Estate has begun to take action with the closure of a problem spot. Residents in the area have reported issues about the behaviour of some heavy goods vehicle (HGVs) drivers attending the site, providing evidence of parking in residential streets, litter and even human waste left in the area.

The Star reported last week after there were calls for action over the issue. The council, including its highways and environmental health officers, together with ward councillors and representatives of major businesses in the area are working to resolve these issues, with the first response to be the immediate closure of one A580 East Lancs Road west-bound lay-by. The lay-by, which backs on to residential Springfield Park and faces the M6 Major site, has been reported as a particular problem spot.

READ > St Helens Council unveils two key appointments Cllr Andy Bowden, St Helens Borough Council’s cabinet member for environment and transport, said: “Having called for this layby to be closed off for a number of years I am pleased that action is now being taken. This initial measure is a simple stopgap that will begin to alleviate some of the concerns that residents in the area rightly have.

“Problems like this are not new, nor are they unique to Haydock within the borough, so shutting laybys can only be a temporary fix. Right now, we’re looking at more long-term solutions particularly as it seems that some of the problems may be caused by drivers on route to other destinations, who are stopping in Haydock but not accessing any of the businesses or adjoining sites. “And I do want to be clear that this poor behaviour does not reflect the wider driver trade, who are an essential part of our local economy and who have continued to work throughout the pandemic to provide all the goods and services that we and local businesses rely on.

As with so many things, it is the minority that have no regard for others. “However, there are more measures we can put in place to stop this happening, working with businesses in the area to do so, and we’ll be able to share more details soon.” Layby closed by task group to tackle Haydock HGV problems

Cllr Anthony Burns, Haydock ward councillor, added: “Local residents have constantly raised ASB associated with this layby and we have been calling for this to be closed for a long time, so I’m finally glad that it has happened.

“We’ve had a positive start working with all the ward councillors’ officers and partners, however this is just the start.

We will work together to implement further measures to try and resolve these issues across the industrial estate in Haydock.”