UK driver watched a ‘wee bit of Netflix’ while 39 migrants were loaded into truck

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November 21, 2020 11:45 am EST

Updated: 11 hours ago

The British truck driver who drove a container where 39 migrants died said in court Thursday that he didn’t notice the refugees being loaded because he was watching a “wee bit of Netflix” at the time. The driver, 23-year-old Eamonn Harrison of Northern Ireland, stated in court that he got involved in the smuggling operation through his boss, Ronan Hughes. According to Harrison, Hughes directed him to pick up an illegal load in Northern France on Oct.

22, 2019; he thought it was only stolen truck parts not people. When he reached to the pick-up point, a man who spoke little English instructed him to stay in the cab, draw the curtains and take rest while the truck was loaded, Harrison testified.

Accordingly he decided to watch a “wee bit of Netflix,” Harrison testified. He claimed to have not seen any of the migrants being loaded into the truck, the report said.

He then ferried the truck to a port in Belgium, from where it was shipped to England. When it arrived in the county of Essex, the 39 men, women and children, all were found dead in the trailer. Harrison, who is charged with manslaughter, said he got involved in the operation because he owed Hughes money from a drunk-driving accident that destroyed a shipment of bacon worth more than £65,000.

He testified that he only thought he would be smuggling stolen truck parts, not people. When he found out about the migrants who died in the truck, he said he “felt s-t” and “devastated” for their families.

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