1 person injured in Pittsfield wreck

PITTSFIELD — One person was injured Wednesday morning in a two-vehicle wreck in the 630 block of Elm Street. A woman driving a car crashed into the back of a Clifford Oil Company truck that was parked in the street. Pittsfield police said in a tweet around 8:20 a.m. that the woman appeared to have suffered injuries that were not life threatening. 

Elm Street is closed at the 630 block.

Fire and EMS are on scene and it appears to be non-life threatening injuries to the driver. pic.twitter.com/PnSeBG9vtg

— Pittsfield Police (@PittsfieldPD) December 23, 2020

Frank Avalle, who was making a delivery for Clifford Oil, said he was behind a house pumping oil when he heard a bang. When he came around to the front of the home, he saw a woman getting out of her car and complaining about chest pains. The woman’s vehicle was towed from the scene and the oil truck, which was just two days old, was driven away by Clifford Oil President Jeffrey Clifford.  

“We’ll do some tests before getting back on the road with it,” Clifford said. “We don’t anticipate too many problems, but you always have to be cautious with propane.”