Lorry driver's hilarious reply to 'bully' parking fine company

A lorry manager has written a witty reply to a parking fine company after they invoiced him on his birthday last week. Disputing the fine, Pete White, transport manager and ‘dolphin trainer’ at Whites Transport Services, sent a letter back to Parking Eye claiming they had wasted his time and should pay him a GBP100 fine, reduced to GBP60 if paid within 14 days. In dispute was Parking Eye’s claim that Mr White’s lorries were resting at Membury West MSA for around 16 hours, which Mr White argued consisted of two separate incidents of parking by lorries taking two separate journeys.

Mimicking an official notice, he wrote: “Failure to pay will result in legal actions starting against you, which could result in a County Court Judgement which may affect your credit.” He went on: “I have also attached a fleet list of all my vehicles to save you future embarrassment, maybe you can remove them all from your database.” “Also, as I spend so much time and enjoyment thinking about how I’m going to reply to your letters maybe a more personal reply than the last 4 would be a good idea.

The generic letter is getting a bit boring and our 51,000 Facebook followers need a bit more excitement.” Mr White ended on a serious note, writing: “Anyway, I have to go now, I’m an essential worker trying to organise food deliveries across the country to keep your family fed during these tough times so please stay safe and remember, everything you wear, drive, eat, drink, sit on, pay with, listen to, basically everything you do has been delivered at some point by a truck driver, the same people you are trying to persecute. “We stand up for all truck drivers and hauliers against companies like you.

Most of whom would just roll over and pay up because you bully them.”

With that, he bid them a wonderful day and signed the letter Pete White, Dolphin Trainer and Transport Manager.