Truck drivers speak of chaos, inhumanity at Beitbridge border

“I was stuck in my truck for days, not able to leave for fear of losing my place in the queue. The controlling of the queues was not good — things kept changing. At one stage the queue moved 200m a day — if we were lucky,” he said.

Some trucks were allowed to bypass the queue and violence started erupting as people became hot and frustrated. “The pressure is unbearable,” he said. Another driver, who didn’t want to be named, said he and his co-driver were robbed. “My co-driver disappeared for two days and even today he is still in shock,” he said.

He told TimesLIVE that he had been driving trucks for six years but was considering leaving the industry. “We are going through a lot. Truckers are not given any respect, yet we are risking ourselves.

Truck drivers are never consulted about issues affecting us, yet we understand and know what needs to be done to resolve this situation,” he said.

“Officials just bypass us.

They ignore us.”

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