UK coronavirus LIVE: Covid victims ‘gain similar immunity to vaccine’ as pharmacies join jab roll-out

The first report from Public Health England‘s (PHE) Siren study found that antibodies from past infection provide 83 per cent protection against reinfection for at least five months.

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Priti Patel appearsconfused about coronavirus rules as she stressed the importance of exercising alone

The guidance makes clear that in England someone is allowed to exercise outdoors with one other person from a different household. Asked about the rules, Ms Patel told ITV’s Good Morning: “The clarity is exercising on your own and not socialising.” She added: “The point to make about any exercise – yes, it should be local, people exercise differently.

“But exercise on your own and don’t use it for a social meeting.” She said “cycling is fine, because you are on your own, you should not be cycling with other people”. Ms Patel continued: “Running, exactly in the same way because you are on your own, walking on your own.”


Priti Patel says Government is not bringing in new social distancing restrictions “today or tomorrow”

Ms Patel stressed that ministers are focusing on increasing the enforcement of current restrictions to keep the spread of coronavirus down rather than bringing in new measures.

Asked whether further restrictions could include a three-metre social distancing rule or the requirement to wear masks outside, she told ITV’s This Morning: “The plans are very much to enforce the rules. “This isn’t about new rules coming in, we’re going to stick with enforcing the current measures. “We are not thinking about bringing in new measures today or tomorrow.”


Covid denier Hannah Dean fined GBP200 for ’empty hospital’ photos

Hannah Dean, 30, has been touring hospitals across the South East as part of a social media campaign against coronavirus restrictions.


Derbyshire Police’s chief constable and police and crime commissioner back calls to bring forward vaccinations for frontline police staff

Chief Constable Rachel Swann said: “Policing and keeping people safe is an essential part of fighting this virus.

Officers and staff cannot stay at home, crime still happens and we need to be there to tackle it. “The vaccine offers additional protection and reassurance for them, not only preventing them from catching the virus but thereby preventing passing it on to others, including their families, colleagues and the public. “My officers and staff are very aware of what they need to do should they experience symptoms, however for many people they are asymptomatic.

Our frontline roles mean we could be unknowingly passing it on to others. Vaccination and regular testing are vital to prevent this. “We are backing calls from the PFEW to bring forward vaccinations in policing, once those at greatest risk and NHS staff have been protected.

“I am asking the Government to bring forward the vaccination plans for frontline policing to allow us to keep our people virus-free, in order to continue to keep the public safe.”


Number of London transport staff dying with Covid-19 increases to 60

The total figure, up three from 57 revealed earlier this week, includes staff working for the private bus firms contracted by Transport for London to run the capital’s buses, plus Tube and rail staff and TfL head office workers.


Hospital bosses advise older people not to visit Newcastle’s Centre for Life mass vaccination hub because of snow

The Newcastle NHS Hospitals Foundation Trust tweeted: “We’re advising older people who are booked for their Covid-19 vaccine at the Centre for Life today to rebook for another day when the weather is better.”


Safeguarding minister says Government would “love” to vaccinate everyone right now but it needs to be realistic

When asked on ITV’s Good Morning Britain why other frontline workers such as teachers and police officers could not be vaccinated Victoria Atkins said: “We absolutely understand this but we have the supply of vaccines that we have and we are aiming to get up to two million doses delivered each week. “We would love everyone to be vaccinated right now but we have to be realistic.” Ms Atkins also said she could not give a timeframe for when vaccinations will begin to be provided 24/7 and added: “It’s not just the availability of the vaccine, it’s having the people to do it.

“I would not want to give you a timeframe because I am not involved in those discussions. “It does take time, and we have to do it carefully and we have to do it with safety absolutely paramount in our minds.”


Travel from Brazil to UK could be banned over new Covid strain

The measure is expected to be considered at an afternoon meeting of the Government’s key “Covid-O” committee which oversees restrictions.


Robert Salt, 82, is the first person to receive the vaccine at Andrew’s Pharmacy in Macclesfield, Cheshire

He said: “I think it’s wonderful actually.There was a little trepidation but it’s good, everything has gone fine today, apart from the weather.” He said his wife was still waiting to get a vaccine appointment as she was under 80.

He said: “It’s a relief from a personal point of view but I’ve still got the responsibility because my wife’s at home and she could be a carrier.” Mr Salt added: “This last week or two has been really scary with the death rates. I’m healthy but you know you’re in the age range where you’re very vulnerable.

“The situation with the death rates going up the way they have done is pretty frightening.”

( Pharmacist Andrew Hodgson administers a dose of the coronavirus vaccine to Robert Salt / PA )1610616879

WHO spokesman Tarik Jasarevic says team in Wuhan will follow wherever the science leads them

Asked on Sky News if the team would investigate whether the virus was produced in a laboratory he added: “We will follow wherever science leads us. “The majority of scientists believe there is a natural origin of the virus, we know that bats are a natural reservoir of other coronaviruses, we really want to go and see and get the data. “You mentioned the market [Wuhan wet market] but it is possible there are cases of SARS-CoV-2 before the market and the market was just a spreading event.

“What is really important is to be open and to follow the leads from a scientific perspective.”

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