City of Cornwall Council Meeting Notes – February 22, 2021 brought to you by the Cornwall Chamber

Full Agenda and supporting documents: Re-watch the meeting: ?        City Council received a presentation from the Infrastructure and Municipal Works department regarding the petition for traffic on Riverdale Ave., voted against implementing a Vacant Property Levy Program, and approved a mandate for the Mayor’s Task Force on Housing.

Presentation – Traffic on Riverdale Avenue ?        A Petition from the public requested enforcing heavy vehicle restrictions on Grant Ave. and Riverdale Ave., to adopt traffic calming strategies, and develop alternative access routes to Power Dam Dr. from the north end of Riverdale. ?        Parkwood Estates construction continues behind Sugarstick Drive in Riverdale.

The public has submitted complaints regarding the construction, including heavy truck usage, speeding traffic, and damage to the road. ?        Due to the No Truck Zones on Power Dam Dr. and Riverdale Ave., heavy trucks are not permitted to cut through residential streets to reach their destination if there is another route possible. To reach the site phases of Parkwood Estates subdivision, heavy trucks must take Power Dam, Grant, and Riverdale.

?        The temporary road from Power Dam is not a legal road, and trucks cannot be forced to use it and is not suitable for some delivery trucks to use. ?        The Infrastructure Department contacted City police and requested surveillance and enforcement. Speed boards were installed in ‘Stealth mode’ at the beginning to collect data.

The results did not show a speeding issue. ?        A four-way stop at Grant Ave. and Riverdale Ave. was deemed unwarranted and would not effectively reduce speeding. ?        In the future, Ninth Street will connect to Saunders Dr.

Council approved the following under Consent Items: ?        Proclamation of March 26, 2021, as “Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness” ?        Quotation 21-Q06 Supply and Delivery of Two Ice Resurface machines be awarded to Resurface Corporation for £236,260.40.

?        Tender 20-T40 Supply and Delivery of a New Tandem Axle Truck with Attachments to Cornwall Freightliner for £316,707.36. Cost Analysis Cornwall Greenhouse Gas Emissions ?        Councillor Hollingsworth motioned to defer the report until more clarity on the costs can be presented in the report.

Councillor Hebert and Towndale agree that the report should be deferred and debated at another time. Councillor Bennett and Mayor Bernadette agree. ?        Councillor MacDonald noted that the information in the report is agreed upon by Council and therefore should be accepted.

If more information is required, Council can request that afterwards. Councillor Dupelle agrees. ?        After some discussion, Council voted to not to defer the report.

?        Council voted to receive the report as originally submitted.   Riverdale Avenue Petition – Traffic and Safety Concerns ?         Council voted in favour of the recommendation to not install an all-way stop sign at the corner of Riverdale and Grant, that the Police enforce the speed limit in this area, that the City continue to install speed board radars from time to time, that Community Safety Zone along Riverdale is extended, and that the City continues to monitor the traffic calming measures.

Vacant Property Levy Program ?        Council approved not to proceed with a Vacant Property Levy Program at this time. It was discovered that the levy would not generate sufficient funding for affordable housing to be significant.

Furthermore, there are additional programs to help with building improvements. Mayor’s Task Force on Housing Update ?        Council approved to receive the report, which outlines the mandate and scope that task force will take to reach its goal of achieving Pillar 3 of the Strategic Plan: “Growing quality of housing stock, including affordable housing.”

?        The task force will include the Mayor, one member of Council, the MP, the MPP, and various representatives from community stakeholders as well as Ad Hoc Members from the community. Ontario’s Vision for Social Assistance Transformation ?        Council approved to receive the report, which outlines how the Ministry will work with delivery partners to improve social assistance and make it easier to navigate.

Domtar Properties, CIL Property, and Corner of Second and Pitt Street Property ?        Councillor McIntosh and Councillor Hollingsworth believe that asking for a report on this issue is not necessary as the information provided will likely not add much information that Council can act on. Councillor Towndale agrees.

?        Councilor Gardiner motioned for a report to receive information on the status of the property’s sale so Council and the public can know what to expect. Furthermore, this property is a prime location to develop Cornwall. ?        Council approved to direct Administration to come back to Council with a report and status update on the three properties.

The next regular meeting will be held on Monday, March 22, 2021.

Prepared By: Shannon Tierney Executive Assistant Cornwall And Area Chamber of Commerce

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