Consultation on Burford HGV ban coming to a close

RESIDENTS have just a matter of days to have their say on whether a divisive weight limit on vehicles driving through parts of Burford should be made permanent. The experimental measure was brought in last August and prevents heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) weighing more than seven and a half tonnes passing through the town in various roads. The scheme was designed to promote road safety, reduce damage to roads and buildings, and cut congestion.

However, some local councillors wish to see the weight restriction removed due to the impact on the wider area. See also: 100 laptops donated to help pupils learn from home Oxfordshire county councillor Liam Walker, who represents the Hanborough and Minster Lovell division, said: “What has become very clear since August last year is that this ban has resulted in local businesses having to use alternative routes that often cut through smaller villages like Minster Lovell, Crawley, or Leafield.

“The roads through these villages aren’t designed for this level of traffic, unlike the A-road running through the town of Burford. “The restriction is apparently being put in place on the grounds of road safety and improving the environment of the area. “In reality, this ban has just caused significant problems for smaller villages nearby and made things difficult for local hauliers who don’t want to use and should not have to be using these narrow roads.”

Oxfordshire county councillor Liam Walker has spoken out against the HGV ban in Burford

Oxfordshire county councillor Liam Walker has spoken out against the HGV ban in Burford

Before Christmas, villagers in Leafield surveyed on The Green to count the number of HGVs going through the village. Leafield Parish Council chairman Gina Pearce said: “The temporary experimental weight restriction in Burford is having a detrimental impact in Leafield in terms of safety, the environment and the road infrastructure. “Many parishioners have expressed their significant concerns to the parish council and Oxfordshire County Council.”

The temporary weight limit still has a maximum of 12 more months to operate, and is being monitored by Burford Town Council and the county council. Read more: Churchill pub launches community kitchen to feed vulnerable In due course, the county council will consider whether the experimental order should be continued indefinitely.

The six-month time limit for people to comment on the scheme ends at 11.59pm on Friday. Anyone wishing to have their say should visit the county council’s consultation page, where more information on the scheme, including exemptions and alternative routes, can be found. See more: Warning after spate of burglaries at farms

The county council’s cabinet member for highways delivery and operations, Eddie Reeves, said: “We would urge anyone who wants to have their say on this important issue, whether they are for or against the measures, to get their thoughts to us by Friday. “We want as a wide a range of opinions as possible before any final decision is made.” HGVs weighing more than seven and a half tonnes have not been able to travel along: the A361 from the A40 Burford roundabout to the A424/A361 Fulbrook mini roundabout; Barns Lane from its junction at Burford roundabout, and Tanners Lane from the M40.

Permit applications for exemption have been managed by Burford Town Council for HGV owners or operators which are based locally.

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