Driver survives after truck crashes off 70ft flyover

A pickup truck driver survived after crashing off a flyover and falling 70-feet near the Milwaukee Zoo in Wisconsin. Wisconsin winter weather can be hazardous and ploughed snowbanks can act as launch ramps if hit at the wrong point, sending vehicles off the side of the road. That’s what happened to a pickup truck driver in Milwaukee County, as video of the incident shows snow flying through the air just before the car drops over the edge.

Under normal road conditions, the barrier wall is supposed to prevent this from happening. The sheriff’s office said: “The vehicle travelled up a snowbank, proceeded over the barrier wall, and descended 70 feet down onto the westbound I-94 distress lane.” The driver, who had been driving west down I-94, drove off the side of the flyover as he were about to merge onto southbound I-41, according to Cardinal News.

When deputies arrived at the scene of the crash, the car was upright, the driver was conscious, breathing, and being helped by two people. He showed no signs of injury but was taken to a hospital by the Milwaukee Fire Department to be assessed, CBS 58 reported. The crash happened around 9:49 am on Saturday morning and was recorded by a traffic camera from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Milwaukee County works to remove the snowbanks that facilitated the fall, but the work had yet to be completed.

A similar crash killed a 27-year-old man four years ago, according to Cardinal News.

The crash is just one of many traffic incidents that have occurred as the midwest is blanketed in rain, snow, and temperatures below freezing that have created dangerous driving conditions.

More than 41 million people are under Winter Weather alerts from Oklahoma in the west to Massachusetts in the east, according to CNN.