Former cop dies from Westmoreland crash

A former police sergeant died as a result of injuries he sustained when a trailer transporting sugar cane overturned on the box motor truck which he was driving in Westmoreland on Wednesday. The deceased has been identified as 48-year-old Christopher McDaniel, a businessman and former cop of Whitehouse, Westmoreland. Reports are that about 4:20 pm, an international motor truck with a trailer laden with cane was travelling on the Cornwall main road in the parish.

Further reports are that the trailer driver, said to be a 65-years-old, was negotiating a corner when he lost control of the vehicle. The unit then overturned and crushed an Isuzu motor truck driven that was being driven by McDaniel in the opposite direction.

Former cop dies from Westmoreland crash The police were alerted and McDaniel was later pronounced dead at hospital. Up to the time of publication, the condition of the trailer driver was not known.

While serving as a police officer, McDaniel was convicted in December of 2018 for the offences of possession of and trafficking 2,445 pounds of ganja. He was fined £15,000 or 12 months in prison for possession of ganja, and £750,000 or 18 months in prison for trafficking. Additionally, he was also sentenced to 12 months in prison, suspended for three years.

The sentences were handed down in the Hanover Parish Court on February 1, 2019. Former cop dies from Westmoreland crash Christopher McDaniel when he was a police sergeant.

It was reported that in July 2017, a truck that was being driven by McDaniel, who was then a police sergeant, was intercepted in Green Island, Hanover. The truck contained 48 knitted bags with ganja weighing a total of 2,445 pounds, according to evidence that was led in court. The cop, along with two other men, were arrested and charged.

One of the men pleaded guilty, while the other was freed of the charges against him At the trial, McDaniel insisted that he had no knowledge that ganja was inside the vehicle which he claimed belonged to a relative of his. He insisted that he had been called to drive the truck for someone.

However, he was found guilty by Senior Parish Judge Sheron Barnes at the end of the trial.

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