HGVT Now Hiring HGV Drivers for Royal Mail Via its Recruitment Partners

There is huge demand in the United Kingdom for qualified Class 1 and Class 2 HGV drivers, with essential services needing to be maintained across the country. One such service is the post and HGVT – the national HGV training provider – is currently hiring drivers for the Royal Mail through its recruitment partners.

Those with the desire to enjoy a rewarding career as an HGV driver are able to take advantage of HGVT’s Driver Academy and fill the many available positions at the various Royal Mail from London to Shrewsbury to Inverness. In conjunction with their exclusive partnership with Manpower, HGVT not only trains drivers, but also finds work for them once qualified.

The Power of the HGVT Driver Academy

HGVT offers an unprecedented level of support for the HGV drivers that come through its Driver Academy, with close attention being paid to every aspect of the journey.

Not only do Academy students get high quality HGV and CPC driver training from experienced driving professionals at its 60+ driver training centres across the UK, but they’re also given a big helping hand in finding their ideal job after they’ve passed.

An HGVT spokesman expressed the potential the Academy offers, saying “When training with us, our students see our academy as one of its unique selling points. By working closely with Manpower, we are able to recruit for major delivery operators like the Royal Mail, which allows us to assist students to actively work towards obtaining their dream job whilst still training for their HGV licence“.

“Constantly Under Pressure to Find New Drivers”

HGVT is the only HGV training provider with a partnership with the recruitment giant that is Manpower and its able to leverage this power to obtain the best driving jobs for its students. Whilst studying for theory and practical tests, the Driver Academy also provides assistance with things like CV and interview preparation for the complete HGV learner driver experience.

Manpower spokesman said “We have a requirement for 100’s of drivers across the United Kingdom for the Royal Mail and with the increase of online deliveries, we’re constantly under pressure to find qualified drivers – something that offers a great opportunity for anyone looking for a well-paid, rewarding career“.

A Unique Driver Training Proposition

There are many HGV driver training programmes across the UK, but none offer quite the support provided by HGVT’s Driver Academy.

The moment students enrol in the program, they’re given help and guidance relating to every aspect of their driver journey, from getting theory training to finding work to maintaining CPC compliance.

The ongoing driver shortage in the United Kingdom is not going anywhere soon and it’s an industry that offers a varied and rewarding daily routine.

So, anyone looking to start their HGV career would be well served by enrolling in this groundbreaking learning program.

Anyone wanting to know about HGVT and their Driver Academy should visit their website www.hgvt.co.uk for more details.