Im-mobile-ised… lorry driver with two phones – Metro Newspaper UK

THIS is the moment police caught a lorry driver on the motorway clutching two mobile phones while behind the wheel of his 44-ton vehicle. The footage was captured on the M4 by officers from Avon and Somerset Police. They were also in an HGV, which gave them the advantage of an elevated view.

The police are seen pulling alongside the driver, who swiftly removes the phones from his ears to put both hands back on the steering wheel. Ch Insp Jason Shears said: ‘Driving whilst distracted is every bit as unacceptable as drink-driving and just as likely to be fatal. ‘We will not hesitate to use every option open to us, including the deployment of a range of unmarked vehicles, to tackle dangerous and anti-social driving habits.’

Also on the M4, the force caught a driver who was holding a mobile with just one finger touching the steering wheel.

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