'Lucky escape' after truckhangs over Burton Leonard bridge

A TRUCK driver had a “lucky escape” after his vehicle was left hanging precariously over the edge of a bridge. Sergeant Paul Cording of North Yorkshire Police (NYP) shared a picture on Twitter yesterday of a large truck which looked to be in danger. The cabin of the vehicle was hanging over the edge of a bridge, near the village of Burton Leonard, which is close to Harrogate.

The front-left wheel had completely left the road, while the front-right wheel was clinging onto the dirt at the side of the bridge. Thankfully, Sergeant Cording confirmed the truck driver managed to escape the vehicle. He said: “The driver of this truck had a lucky escape this morning near Burton Leonard as the vehicle came to rest precariously on the edge of the bridge.

“Thankfully no injuries and the driver will be spoken to in due course.”