Interactive map reveals Bradford’s most dangerous roads

Leeds Road and Shipley’s Airedale Road are just some of the dangerous local roads that often hit the headlines for serious and fatal accidents. However, they aren’t the only accident hotspots and you can find out where the most dangerous roads near you are using an interactive map from  Crash Map has recently updated its site and now includes information about where car accidents took place in 2020.

The app uses official data from The Department of Transport, which it then inputs onto an interactive map. It shows you where ‘fatal’, ‘serious’ and ‘slight’ driving accidents took place in your area. According to the interactive map, more than 250 driving accidents took place on Bradford roads back in 2020.

However, some roads are more dangerous than others with multiple crashes taking place on them in 2020. Here are some of the most dangerous roads, according to Crash Maps: Where did fatal crashes occur in the Bradford District?

According to Crash Maps, four fatal accidents took place in the Bradford District last year. One on Skipton Road, near Utley,  another on Haworth road, one on Shipley Airedale Road and another on Harrogate Road near Apperley Bridge. Roads with a high number of accidents In 2020:

Leeds Road Slight: 10 slight Legrams Lane

Serious: 2
Slight:2 Dick Lane Serious: 1
Slight: 4

Bridge Street
Serious: 1
Slight: 3 Shipley Airedale Road Fatal: 1
Serious: 1
Slight: 2

Lumb Lane
Serious: 1
Slight: 3 Lilycroft Road Serious: 2
Slight: 1

Clayton Road Slight: 4 Thornton Road (between Thornton and Brown Royd:

Serious: 1
Slight: 9 Canal Road
Serious: 2
Slight: 4 Accident hotspots

Certain junctions and roundabouts have seen multiple crashes in 2020. Here are just some accident hotspots where numerous fatal, serious and slight accidents have occurred. Junction between Allerton Road and Thornton Road

Serious: 1
Slight: 1 Between Garnett Street and Joseph Street
Slight: 2 Between Leeds Road and Killinghall Road

Slight: 2 Between Chester Road and Great Horton Road Slight: 2

Between Legrams Lane and Ingleby Road Serious: 2 Want to find out where car accidents have take place near you?

Visit the interactive map for yourself.