Berkshire Roots Celebrates 4/20 With Music, Food, Garcia Line

If the Garcias do attend on Saturday, it will be in this custom tie-dye Airstream.

PITTSFIELD, Mass. — Berkshire Roots is planning a 4/20 celebration that will include the addition of Garcia Hand Picked products.

“This year, we’re obviously bringing folks together, but it’s really trying to be able to provide some exciting things while they’re in line,” said Holly Alberti, the cannabis dispensary’s marketing director, adding that last year’s festivities were canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Four-twenty is slang for marijuana consumption and the April 20 date has become something of a celebratory day in the cannabis community. Berkshire Roots will music, food, vendors, and new products on Tuesday at its Dalton Avenue location.

On Saturday is the dispensary’s launch of Garcia Hand Picked cannabis products made by music legend Jerry Garcia’s family. Representatives of Garcia Family Providers are expected to be on hand to talk about the products. There’s an outside chance some family members could make an appearance in the “Bertha Bus,” a tye-dyed Airstream camper, but nothing has been confirmed.

“This is not a concert, this is obviously not like a gathering or anything of that nature,” Alberti said. “It’s really just to be able to provide something fun for our patrons while they’re here visiting with us.” Many Berkshire Roots customers are fans of the Grateful Dead — referred to as Deadheads — Alberti said, and they are honored to be the only retail cannabis location in Pittsfield to carry the Garcia family brand. Both events will be COVID-19 friendly with masking, social distancing requirements, and increased sanitization.

The 4/20 celebration will feature local musicians Tony Lee Thomas & Jenny Porter followed by acoustic melodies by Melissa Brinton. Betty’s Eddies will be providing unmedicated samples of treats and the Chillin Grill food truck will be selling savory menu items such as grilled cheeses. Berkshire Roots will launch limited-edition branded merchandise produced by Pittsfield embroidery company Elegant Stitches and a limited line of candles that are a collaboration between the dispensary and Soma Aroma’s Candles.

“They are hand-poured, soy-based candles, and she uses therapeutic grade essential oils, which is really in line with our goal and innovation to continue to use better ingredients and everything that we do,” Alberti said. “And also being from the community, we’re just thrilled to be able to work with her.” Cannabis products must be purchased in Berkshire Roots’ retail center by legal customers 21 years or older per state law, but the outside festivities are to celebrate the plant and its prevalence in the community. The 4/20 celebration will begin at 10 with music starting at noon.

On Saturday, the dispensary will be open at 9 for patients only, and Barrington Stage will perform from noon to 2.

If the Garcias attend, they are expected to arrive in Bertha around 1 and stay until 6.

Ozzie’s Steak and Eggs of Hinsdale will be making an appearance at the Saturday celebration from noon to 3 in with the food truck.

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