4th of July travel live: Airport delays reported already as record getaway begins

The upcoming Fourth of July holiday weekend is expected to be the busiest travel period since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, according to data from AAA. The organisation expects 43 million Americans to take to the nation’s roads and highways over the weekend, which accounts for a 5 per cent jump over the same time period in 2019. After more than a year inside, it appears that the road trip is back, and back in force.

The downside – aside from traffic and the inevitable accidents – is that gas prices are also skyrocketing. According to AAA, the prices will be the highest over the weekend since the same time period in 2014. The current national average is £3.09.

Airline experts have also said they expect to see more passengers on planes over the weekend than at any other point since the beginning of the pandemic. Destinations like Miami, Orlando and Las Vegas are among the most popular for travelers, while locales like the Caribbean and Mexico top the list for Americans traveling outside the US. The weekend’s busiest airports are expected to be Chicago O’Hare International, Los Angeles International, and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airports.

Between 7 and 8pm on Friday, 21,000 people are scheduled to depart from O’Hare. A spokesperson for American Airlines told ABC News that it expected to run almost 5,500 daily flight from Thursday to Monday, with Thursday and Friday projected to be the busiest days. Southwest is offering expanded overtime pay for employees willing to work extra hours over the weekend to help prevent delays and flight cancellations.

Long lines have already been reported at Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

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Airport delays already reported as July 4th travel begins

Airlines are struggling to keep up with the travel demand presented by the huge influx of travelers hoping to get away for the July 4th weekend. Long lines have already been reported at Raleigh Durham International Airport, and other airports are likely to have similarly lengthy waits. Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport is expected to be the busiest airport over the weekend, with Los Angeles International Airport and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport as the second and third busiest.

Graig Graziosi1 July 2021 19:58


NYPD will use metal detectors to prevent shootings at New York fireworks display

Travelers and locals hoping to watch Macy’s fireworks display for the 4th of July will have to pass through metal detectors on their way to the show. The NYPD said it intends to use the detectors to prevent anyone from bringing a gun to the event. The measure was put in place due to an increase in shootings in the city, according to the NYPD.

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100 scientists beg July 4th revelers in the West to skip the fireworks

A group of 100 scientists have written a letter begging Americans in the West to forgo setting off fireworks this Independence Day in an effort to reduce possible wildfires. In a co-signed letter in The Conversation, the scientists warned that the megadrought and accompanying high temperatures have effectively turned the American West into a box of kindling. “With this year’s tinder-dry grasslands and parched forests, sparks from anything – a cigarette, a campfire, a power line, even a mower blade hitting a rock – could ignite a wildfire, with deadly consequences,” they wrote. Graig Graziosi1 July 2021 17:57


More than 5.7 million people will travel Pennsylvania’s Turnpike over the holiday weekend

The Pennsylvania Turnpike, a toll road that runs nearly the entire length of the state and serves as a major corridor for travelers between the US East Coast and the Midwest, is expecting more than 5.7 million travelers to pass through over the July 4th holiday weekend.

The busiest travel day is estimated to be 2 July, when 690,000 motorists are expected to travel along the highway. Graig Graziosi1 July 2021 16:48


The busiest airports over the 4th of July weekend

Roads and airports are expected to be packed with travelers over the 4th of July weekend. The busiest airport is expected to be Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, with 100,00 more departing seats than the next two airports on the list.

Los Angeles International Airport and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport are expected to be the second and third busiest. The busiest travel day at O’Hare will be Friday between 7 and 8pm, when 21,000 people are expected to depart the airport. Graig Graziosi1 July 2021 15:27


Two million Ohioans expected to travel over holiday weekend

The Ohio Department of Transportation, the Ohio State Highway Patrol, and the AAA are preparing for a busy Independence Day weekend in the state, with 95 per cent of people traveling expected to drive.

The American Automobile Association predicts that the heaviest congestion will be seen during the late afternoon on Thursday, Friday and Monday. Graeme Massie1 July 2021 11:00


Some states reporting gas shortages ahead of 4 July weekend

The issue has been caused in part because of a shortage of gas truck delivery drivers, reports NBC News. Graeme Massie1 July 2021 09:00


What are the worst times to travel on Independence Day weekend?

Experts say a record number of cars are expected to hit the highways, so when is the best time to leave for your holiday weekend destination?

Clara Hill has the details. Graeme Massie1 July 2021 07:00


AAA says 47.7m Americans planning to travel this weekend

The American Automobile Association says that it will be the second busiest Independence Day weekend on record, with 47.7m expected to travel, and an estimated 43.6m people going by car. “Travel is in full swing this summer, as Americans eagerly pursue travel opportunities they’ve deferred for the last year-and-a-half,” said Paula Twidale, senior vice president of AAA Travel.

“We saw strong demand for travel around Memorial Day and the kick-off of summer, and all indications now point to a busy Independence Day to follow.” Graeme Massie1 July 2021 05:00


Thousands from Delaware expected to join 4 July travel crowds

Up to 14 per cent of the state’s population, around 136,000 people, are expected to take to the roads and skies over the holiday weekend, according to AAA. Many are expected to leave Joe Biden’s home state, which is not lifting its State of Emergency Order until 13 July.

“Here in Delaware we are looking at about 136,000 Delawareans, that’s about 14% of the State’s population, hitting the roads and hitting the air to travel this 4th of July holiday weekend,” said AAA Mid-Atlantic’s Ken Grant.

Experts have said that as many as 47m people could be traveling this weekend, which would make it the second busiest ever after 2019.

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