Boy aged three killed by tractor driven by his father on family farm in Wales

A three-year-old boy was accidentally knocked down and killed by a tractor driven by his father as he rode his new bike on the family farm, heartbroken relatives have said.

Ianto Jenkins was thought to have been hit by a farming truck driven by Guto Sior Jenkins, 31, at their home in Efailwen near Clynderwen, Pembrokeshire.

The toddler died from suspected crush injuries in the incident on Tuesday.

Jenkins is “completely devastated”, according to his mother, Meinir, 61.

“No one is to blame,” she said. “Ianto was playing [with] his new bike in the back yard and my son just didn’t know he was there.

“He didn’t see him.

He heard the sound of his pick-up hitting something and when he stopped and got out