Canada’s spot market cools in July – Truck News

Canadian spot market load volumes fell 11% in July, reflecting Canadian and U.S. holidays. Daily postings were down an average of 6% per day. However, Quebec bucked the trend with strong outbound volumes both domestically and cross-border.

Load volumes were up 31% compared to July 2020, according to the latest data from Loadlink Technologies.

Outbound cross-border loads were up 24% from June, and 49% year-over-year, Loadlink reported. Quebec led the way with a 66% increase in outbound cross-border loads. However, inbound cross-border loads were down 29% from June.

All regions in Canada saw decline sin inbound cross-border loads, with Western Canada the least affected with a 15% drop. Domestic loads were flat from June and up 33% year-over-year. Western Canada led with a 22% increase in inbound domestic loads.

The truck-to-load ratio increased 15% in July, with 3.08 truck postings per load, up from 2.68 in June.

But the ratio was 19% lower year-over-year, with 3.80 trucks posted per load last July.

Canada’s spot market cools in July - Truck News