Cargo theft threat looms on Labor Day

Cargo theft increased 19% during last year’s Labor Day holiday over the previous year, an analysis by CargoNet revealed. To help transportation industry professionals prepare for the upcoming Labor Day holiday, CargoNet analyzed records from the previous five Labor Day holidays.

Infographic: CargoNet

In total, CargoNet recorded 134 events involving cargo theft or theft of a trucking vehicle in the analysis period. Each event was worth an average of £147,027.

Nearly half of all events in this analysis took place on the Friday, Saturday, or Sunday before Labor Day. Electronics – specifically computers, computer parts, and televisions were the most stolen category of goods in this analysis period.

Electronics targeted

Electronics goods were distantly followed by household commodities such as major appliances, tools, and mixed shipments of household and houseware items. Theft activity was highest in California, Texas, and Florida.

Theft was most common at warehouse locations, followed by retail store parking lots and truck stops. To defeat identity fraud and cargo theft schemes, CargoNet is urging organizations that are tendering shipments over the internet to verify details of all transactions prior accepting a bid. Shippers should warn motor carriers of misdirection theft schemes and verify the intended delivery address with the driver prior to loading.

Organizations can step up security by arranging for same-day delivery of short-haul shipments, embedding covert tracking devices, and by using high-security locks to prevent trailer burglaries.

Drivers should not leave their vehicles or shipments unattended, especially within 250 miles of pickup.

Drivers should also be on the lookout for any vehicles that appear to be following them.