Mum’s faith restored by ‘lovely’ stranger after ‘split-second decision’

A mother who was left stranded roadside with her crying children wants to thank the kind stranger who pulled over to help her family. Georgina Turner, 38, from North Wales was with her two boys Lewis, eight, and Zac, six, at Cheshire Oaks near Ellesmere Port on Tuesday. They were heading home when she says another driver forced her off the roundabout, leading her to make a "split second decision" that resulted in a flat tyre.

TOP STORY: Former Cheshire police officer 'used force systems to spy on his partner' Faced with hitting the car or hitting the curb, she managed to veer away from the vehicle, leaving her stuck in the middle of the road with the damaged tyre, the Liverpool Echo reports. Georgina and her two children stood in the central reservation as she was trying to contact her husband for help.

Her boys were visibly upset at what had happened, when a man stopped and offered to help the family out. Posting in the Pride in the Port Facebook group about the incident, Georgina said she wanted to offer her "total gratitude" to the 'lovely' man.

Georgina's tyre was left damaged after colliding with the curb

She wrote: "I just wanted to try and find the lovely man who helped me and my two young boys today at the Cheshire Oaks round about. A car cut me off and I hit the curb instead of the car (which drove off) and this kind man could see I was stuck with a flat tyre in the road and distressed with two crying boys and stopped and helped.

"He not only tried to fix my tyre but escorted my six and eight year old boys across the busy dual carriage way to safety! "If this is you please accept my total gratitude for what you did and to let you let you know we are now home and safe. "Has restored my faith that there are some good ones still out there"

Speaking to the ECHO about the incident, Georgina said: "I took my two boys bowling at Cheshire Oaks and then a quick mooch around some shops and was in the car driving home and a black car cut me up on the roundabout." "[It was a] split decision either hit the car or the curb/central reservation on the duel carriage way so I chose that. "I hit it quite hard and instantly heard a large hiss, got out of the car and my front drivers tyre was going down fast.

"I was worried as we were just off the roundabout in the outside lane and I didn't want the boys in the car in case we got shunted from behind. "So [I] got us all out of the car standing in the central reservation feeling quite vulnerable and called my husband as to what to do. We were all quite shaken and the boys were crying."

Mum's faith restored by 'lovely' stranger after 'split-second decision'The family had visited Cheshire Oaks for the day from North Wales

Georgina said it was at this point the man stopped to help.

She said: "Then a lovely kind man came and pulled up and asked if we were ok. "I explained what had happened and that I obviously needed to get a new tyre. "He was very concerned about the boys and escorted them across the duel carriage way and onto the pavement to safety making sure they stayed there.

"He then went back to his truck to get some tyre foam to try pump it back up while I kept an eye out for any cars that might crash into the car and him. "Unfortunately it didn't work as the tyre was truly a mess and I'd also gorged a chunk out of my back wheel too. "A police car then arrived and the kind gentleman checked again to make sure we were all ok and said he had wife and kids and wouldn't like to think we would be them.

"He said his goodbyes and left us with the police." Georgina said the police then helped move the vehicle out of danger while she waited for breakdown assistance. She said: "I either can't remember the man's name who helped or he didn't tell me but he was lovely, didn't want to give me details so I could reimburse him for the cost of the tyre foam.

"He really helped me calm down and took control of the situation and I'm so grateful that there are still some good ones out there."