PostTag and Locus set to disrupt UK logistics market with major new partnership

PostTag, the cutting-edge address lookup and validation service, has partnered with Locus, a future-ready platform that automates supply chain decisions, to create an end-to-end technology solution for deliveries  Having powered deliveries across sectors like e-commerce, retail, FMCG, home services and third-party logistics globally (including in continental Europe), Locus is now entering the UK market with this partnership The combination of PostTag’s innovative address lookup technology and Locus’ market-leading automated supply chain management platform is set to disrupt the UK market where customers are grappling with legacy systems that are no longer fit-for-purpose. Locus is a technology platform that uses machine learning and proprietary algorithms to automate complex supply chain decisions. Founded in 2015, Locus recently raised US£50 million in Series C funding led by GIC, Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund.

To add to its offer to customers, PostTag sought an innovative supply chain technology partner, which shared its focus on disrupting markets and challenging legacy players. The combination of Locus and PostTag will introduce a new proposition to the UK market. Locus will offer customers an end-to-end tailored solution that automates the supply chain process from the moment the customer orders their goods on a website through the warehouse to route planning for the fleet.

Likewise, having evaluated other technologies, Locus chose PostTag ‘as best in class’ to integrate the innovative address lookup and validation service into its offer. The combination will ensure not only a more efficient supply chain but drivers that get straight to the address, first time, without wasting valuable minutes and fuel.  Last-mile delivery is one of the critical phases in the supply chain, accounting for 50 percent of the delivery cost, and core to ensuring customer satisfaction. Unlike other systems, which are either “approximating the location” or asking customers to generate and remember a few random words to “pull” the driver to their address, PostTag “pushes” the driver to the correct location.

It does this without adding any further steps that need to be taken to get the driver to the right door. PostTag’s Destination Data Engine returns precise details for each address search. PostTag checks, validates, and verifies addresses across multiple databases, telling the driver precisely where the home or business is.

PostTag’s analysis reveals that nearly 60% of all UK addresses, as shown on current mapping systems, are typically about a football pitch away from the actual address location. Keith Lewin, Chairman and Founder, PostTag, said: “Our customers have been telling us that they’re fed up with the current software solutions on offer in UK logistics. As a modern dynamic company unencumbered by legacy technology, we expect Locus to have a major disruptive impact on the UK market.

We are thrilled they have chosen PostTag to partner with and it’s a significant endorsement of our technology.” “This partnership with one of the world’s most exciting technology companies heralds a major new phase in the history of PostTag.  Working with Locus, we can offer our customers even more as they strive to meet the growing expectations of customers for timely and accurate deliveries.” Locus uses machine learning and proprietary algorithms to automate complex supply chain decisions.

Its smart supply chain solutions provide end-to-end visibility and enable enterprises to enhance their operational efficiency by reining costs, streamlining the customer experience, and reducing environmental impact. Locus’ scalable solutions include route optimization, real-time tracking and analytics, sales beat optimization, territory planning, vehicle allocation, and network design.  

Nishith Rastogi, Co-founder and CEO, Locus, said: “PostTag impressed us not only with the quality of their technology but their desire to ensure they fix the problems that stop companies from getting their goods to customers in a timely and efficient way.

Companies are still dependent on legacy solutions that aren’t equipped to handle today’s real-world supply chain and logistics operations.

The partnership of Locus and PostTag is set to change that, and we are excited about the opportunities we see for growth in the UK.”