Truck stop and HGV park considered for A75 industrial site near Creetown

A truck stop and HGV park are among potential uses being considered for an overgrown industrial site on the A75 near Creetown. But Dumfriesshire-based businessman Jamie Wood is unlikely to take forward plans for land at the former granite crusher until next year. Mr Wood, who owns filling stations at Moffat, Dumfries, Dalry and Newton Stewart, bought the 30-acre area, formerly part of the Kirkmabreck Quarry complex, earlier this year.

He said: "One of the potential ideas is for a HGV park and truck stop but it's only one of several I have in the pipeline. "It's all dependent on what the desire for something like that would be. "If you have lorries coming off the ferries at Cairnryan, they might not want to stop an hour down the road.

"They will have had a meal and I don't know whether it's the right site for something like a truck stop." New security fencing with a padlocked gate has been installed at the entrance to the area which is popular with dog walkers. Kirkmabreck Community Council has discussed access issues and opted not to take a view.

Chairman Martin Armstrong said: "We decided it wasn't our place to stand in the way of a business wishing to secure a commercial property that they have purchased. "If we find out what the plans are for the site, we may well support them. "But at this stage, we cannot pass any remark either positive or negative."

He added: "Whilst many of us have walked the area and appreciate what an enjoyable place it is to walk, it certainly seems plausible that the new owners have a commercial use planned for the site.

"That would mean that it is no longer appropriate for the public to have unrestricted access."