WATCH: ‘Colour me paranoid’

SIX police motorbikes and two cars have “escorted” a learner lorry into Bradford this morning. A witness spotted the activity on Westgate Hill Street/Tong Street (A650), near East Bierley, at 9.23am today. Footage shows what is believed to be an unmarked force vehicle moving along the road, past Tong Leadership Academy and the junctions of Bradford Road (A651) and Denbrook Avenue.

It is then followed by a large white lorry, with a learner driver plate logo printed on the side of it. Two officers on bikes blocked off all junctions connecting to the A650 while the convoy went past. They then followed on after the lorry.

The witness said: “Six squad bikes and two cars escorting an ‘LGV training vehicle’.

“Colour me paranoid, but I think somethings being escorted into Bradford, via Westgate Hill Street and Tong Street.”

The T&A has contacted West Yorkshire Police for comment.