How this veteran was saved by his prosthetic leg after crash

A NORTH Yorkshire army veteran, who's prosthetic leg saved his life after a road traffic accident. is set to appear TV series Helicopter ER. Scott McNiece, from Leeming Bar, North Yorkshire was driving on the A1m on his way to pick up his daughter from school. The weather was treacherous and as Scott moved from the outer to middle lane for better visibility, he collided with a broken van that was stationary without is hazard lights on.

Bilsdale transmitter: Pressure mounts on BBC to issue full licence fee refunds Scott was trapped in his vehicle by a prosthetic leg he had fitted following an incident whilst serving in Afghanistan in 2018. He had no other visible injury at the time and his service dog Ruby, who was travelling with him on that day, also escaped the incident relatively unscathed as she landing in the foot well after the impact.

A motorist who witnessed the incident stopped to call the emergency services and to check on Scott, whose car ended up on its side in the layby. Yorkshire Air Ambulance dispatched their Topcliffe aircraft and after an assessment from their pandemics, Scott was deemed stable enough to travel by road to Leeds General Infirmary. His dog Ruby was taken to the vets for a checkup by the police after the incident.

Service suspended after train strikes and kills bull in "unusual incident" On the incident Mr McNiece said: "I was travelling down to Rutland to pick up my daughter and I was in the slow lane behind a truck that was spraying me with rain water. "I couldn't see what was ahead, so I pulled into the middle lane for better visibility, but unfortunately there was a broken down truck with no hazard lights and I didn't have time to brake."

Tests at the hospital revealed that Scott had fractured several ribs and broke his foot. Had Scott's other leg not been the prosthetic, it would have been destroyed by the collision and led to life threatening injuries. Mr McNiece added: "All the components of my prosthetic leg are made from titanic, hardened steel.

When the bonnet of the van crushed forward, the position of my leg stopped the impact. I was really lucky" Speaking about Ruby he added: "I was worried about Roo.

She had a cut on her nose after the incident and she was a little bit tentative when we first took her out in the car again, but she settled down eventually. After a week or two, she was back to her normal self." : Bilsdale transmitter latest: MP raises delay at mast with Secretary of State

The episode about the incident is set to air on the "Really" channel on September 7, and also features a boy who was knocked down by a car in North Yorkshire and a patient who fell from a horse in Keighley. Yorkshire Air Ambulance service five-million people across Yorkshire and carries out over 1,300 missions every year. The charity operates two state-of-the-art Airbus H145 helicopters and needs to raise GBP12,000 every day to keep saving lives.

Helicopter ER is a series that aims to capture the rescue work of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. A film crew follows the medics as they attend to patients in life or death situations. To date, over 8,100 patients have been carried to the relevant treatment centres, often for life-saving treatment, flying at speeds of 160mph.

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