Inconsiderate parking leading to whole areas missing bin collections

Inconsiderate parking blocking bin truck routes is leading to more missed waste collections in Bolton, councillors have heard. Drivers leaving their cars and vans blocking alleys and access points have led to some households waiting for up to four weeks for their bins to be emptied in parts of the borough. Bolton Council said crews ‘did not have the time’ to knock on doors trying to find drivers causing obstruction to routes.

The matter was the subject of the maiden speech of Coun Rabiya Jiva, who was recently elected for the ward of Crompton.

She said: “The collection of bins in high on the list of priorities for many of our residents. “Since I became a councillor in May this has been the matter that I have received the most enquiries about. “What I’ve found in Crompton is inconsistencies in bin collections.

Coun Rabiya Jiva

“The consequences of missed collections are well known to all of us but the growing problems of pests due to waste overflows have affected several areas of Crompton.

“This is caused by blockages in the streets that prevent waste collection as vehicles can’t access the bins. “While the culprit of the blockage is usually a single resident the inability to access bins affects a multitude of those living in the area. “This causes untold anxiety for residents, which is multiplied when collections are delayed for no apparent reason and no explanation is provided.

“I believe this could be remedied by some flexibility in operating procedures.” Cabinet member Nadim Muslim responded on behalf of Bolton Council. He said: “Collection crews do not have the time to knock on residents doors to find out whose vehicle it is as this would disrupt the schedule.

“In the event of persistent cases of vehicle obstruction managers do meet the collection crew on-site and make efforts to resolve the issue in the form of letters or leaflets requesting they park vehicles in a more considerate manner. “Unfortunately the council does not have the power to issue fixed penalty notices to those obstructing the routes. “Officers are developing a new policy on waste and recycling for the presentation of bins and residents responsibility.

“We are committed to high standards. They strive on a daily basis to complete each and every collection. “The last 17 months have been extremely challenging delivering this essential service.

“21 new trucks are now on order and they will begin to be delivered in September. “If our crews are unable to complete a collection round we aim to recover the outstanding bins within 48 hours. “Having made two attempts the service does not have the resources to continually return to the properties.

“In these circumstances the residents will need to store the waste until the next scheduled collection.”