Moment lorry demolishes Southampton ferry ticket booth injuring three workers

THIS is the shocking moment a lorry driver demolished a ferry ticket booth in Southampton, injuring three workers inside. The ticket kiosk at Red Funnel terminal in Hampshire completely collapsed on top of the workers on Monday.


The lorry tries to squeeze past the ticket booth but clips it with its rearMoment lorry demolishes Southampton ferry ticket booth injuring three workers


The booth's roof shakes, causing the structure to collapse

In footage recorded by a ferry webcam, the HGV can be seen trying to drive in the terminal's car park. As it passes the small kiosk, it's rear end clips the building, causing it to collapse almost instantly.

The back of the truck collides with the roof of the building, which starts to twist causing the walls to collapse. The truck immediately comes to a halt but the damage has already been done and before long the roof of the ticket office caves in.   Dozens of shocked onlookers can be seen rushing towards the collapsed booth to help.

A Red Funnel spokesman said: "Three Red Funnel colleagues were inside a check in kiosk which was struck by an HGV this afternoon. "Our priority is the safety of our team members and passengers, and although there are no significant injuries, both police and ambulance services are in attendance as a precaution." It comes after a Tesco lorry crashed into a railway bridge last week, leaving Plymouth and Cornwall "cut off".

Trains were unable to enter Cornwall after the supermarket lorry got stuck underneath the railway bridge on Bank Holiday Monday. Network Rail is now hoping to report avoidable HGV crashes to the Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain, which has the power to revoke licences. The infrastructure manager's chief executive Sir Peter Hendy told The Times: "A lorry or bus hitting a railway bridge isn't an accident. 

"It's a failure of professional operators and drivers to properly plan their routes and know the height of their vehicles, and can cause fatalities and serious injuries for road users, delays for both road and rail travellers, and could cause a catastrophic railway accident.

"Network Rail looks to recover the entire cost of such incidents from operators and drivers, and also reports all of them to the traffic commissioners for consideration of enforcement and licence revocation."

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