New clue as mystery of Mildred the Morris Minor deepens

The mystery of a dust-encrusted vintage Morris Minor parked in a city centre car park has deepened. It’s believed the 1965-registered vehicle has occupied the same spot in the King William House multi-storey in Market Place for at least four years. Click here for all the latest traffic and travel news.

As yet, the owner of the car – which has a sticker with the name Mildred on the boot – has not come forward. However, the car park’s operators have confirmed its parking charges are fully paid up and say the car has not been abandoned.

Mildred the vintage Morris Minor 1000 dates back to 1965

Now it’s been claimed Mildred might have ended up in Hull after mysteriously disappearing from a farm in Nuneaton in Warwickshire. According James Farron, the Morris Minor 1000 was meant to be part of a part-exchange deal he and his father had struck with a local farmer there around five years ago.

Keep up to date with the latest news by signing up for updates here. He contacted Hull Live after seeing our story on the lonely vehicle left quietly rusting away in Hull’s Old Town. Commuters, shoppers and tourists alike come and go, but the Morris Minor remains a silently static feature under the dim lights of the concrete tower block which is now its home.

New clue as mystery of Mildred the Morris Minor deepensMildred the mysterious Morris Minor is still fully taxed

He said: “We used to rent land off an old farmer in Nuneaton to ride our off-road motorbikes and a quad bike around the field he had.

“He had the Morris Minor in a barn, There were no paperwork or keys. “The guy named it Mildred. He had had it for many years, he even had Mildred on the back of the car in writing.

New clue as mystery of Mildred the Morris Minor deepensFinger-writing on the bonnet of the Morris Minor

“At the time, he said he needed a runaround motor due to his health so we agreed to swap a 09 plate Ford Fiesta for Mildred.

“When we went back three weeks later with a flatbed truck Mildred had been taken out of the barn with loads of spares that was with it. “It appeared she had been stolen and the farmer – a guy called Derek – had no idea where she had gone.” A check of publicly available data on the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) website provides some limited clues about the classic car’s history, but not its mysterious ownership.

New clue as mystery of Mildred the Morris Minor deepensThe vintage Morris Minor hasn’t moved in years

The vehicle hasn’t been taxed since June 2019 and its last MOT expired in 2017.

But beyond that, the identity of the owner remains – for now at least – unknown.

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