New M4 smart motorway cameras could fine you £100

New cameras introduced to motorways, including the M4, will track drivers and fine them GBP100 if they fail to follow the rules. Failure to follow motorway instructions could see points added to your license by way of new cameras that can track your license plate. Currently, there are planned closures on the M4 as there are works to upgrade the motorway into a smart motorway between junction 3 at Hayes and junction 12 at Theale.

:Drunk M4 truck driver is jailed after ‘terrifying’ moment he swerved across motorway near Reading According to Highways England “Once our work is completed this stretch of the M4 will use the latest technology to monitor traffic flow and set speed limits.” At the moment there is a temporary speed limit on the M4 until automated elements of the new technology have been calibrated.

There are planned closures on the M4 the weekend of October 16, with overnight closures from October 22 to October 25 and October 29 to November 1. BirminghamLive has reported that fines and points will be handed out automatically by these new cameras that can recognise your number plate when rules have been broken. The highway rules are set out in the Highway Code – Riles 258 and 269.

A Highways England spokesman said: “It’s illegal to drive in a red X lane and motorway cameras can now automatically detect drivers who flout the law. “You could receive a GBP100 fine and get three points on your licence.” A government spokesman added: “A Red X sign indicates that a lane is closed to traffic.

You must stay out of that lane as there may be an incident or people working ahead, and we may need to keep the lane clear to provide access for maintenance or emergency services.”

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